Articles and Reviews

I enjoy writing non-fiction very much, but I regard it as strictly recreational, as my output in this area is necessarily restricted by my commitment to fiction-writing. I have a weakness for novels that combine the two disciplines, and often feel drawn towards writing something of my own along these lines. But that’s for the future.

In the meantime,  The Royal Game is an article I wrote for Birkbeck College’s Writer’s Hub site, about my enthusiasm for the game of chess in works of fiction. My Hero is a guest blog post I wrote on Joyce Carol Oates for TTA’s Case Notes to help celebrate Women in Horror Recognition Month in 2011. Something Rotten in the State of Denmark features some back issues of the monthly column I used to write for Starburst magazine, back when it was primarily an online publication and could spare the space for my ramblings on horror’s esoterica. Among other things you’ll find a review of China Mieville’s Embassytown, an attack of nostalgia for the Christmas ghost story, and a celebration of Robert Aickman. I review books regularly at Strange Horizons.

Twenty Years, Two Surveys brings together the thoughts and ideas of speculative fiction writers in Britain two decades apart. More than 120 writers took part in the surveys, and I was delighted and honoured when Niall Harrison (the then editor of Vector) asked me if I’d like to be included as one of the young(er) guard. For more in-depth information about me and my own work, I would point you towards Niall Harrison’s excellent article Four Stories by Nina Allan at the Vector editors’ blog, Torque Control

Nina Allan in Close-Up is an interview I did with Pete Tennant for the TTA website in 2010. You can also find interviews with me at Europa SF, Prime Books and The Short Review. For reviews of my individual books, please visit the dedicated Books pages at this website.