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Strange domains

M. John Harrison has a new Kindle Single out! It’s called ‘The 4th Domain’ and it’s fantastic. For me, it has a real feel of Course of the Heart about it – characters mired in their own disjuncture, deeply wrong goings on, a city on the slide towards inexorable decline.  This is a dark story of […]

Loncon and after

Well, we went to Loncon 3 and it was magnificent. The stats are now in, confirming the 2014 Worldcon as the biggest ever, but this in no way prevented it from being a friendly and spirited gathering with a surprisingly intimate feel. After the initial shock to the system (because it’s huge) the ExCel centre […]

Various updates

So – in just a couple of weeks we’ll be moving house. We began this process back in February, and it’s been the predictable combination of acute stress and not much happening for ages, but finally we’re set to go and about to begin packing our books into boxes. We’re both tremendously excited. It’s a […]

My Hugo Ballot 2014

Getting around to this has been a problem. Not because I don’t enjoy compiling nominations lists, because (as everyone who knows me knows) I do. Partly it’s that we’ve been so busy in recent weeks (more updates to follow in due course) that I’ve not had the time to give this ballot the full attention […]

Best Horror of the Year #6

I’m really very happy indeed to announce that my story ‘The Tiger’, originally published in Terror Tales of London (edited for Gray Friar by Paul Finch) will be reprinted in Ellen Datlow’s Best Horror of the Year Volume 6. I’m very fond of ‘The Tiger’, which forms part of the loosely connected and still ongoing […]

The Writ of Years

“The burst of elated inspiration stretched on improbably, unbearably, as I wrote and wrote and wrote. The passion of it was a wave of the kind that drags swimmers out to sea to drown, helpless and alone.” I came across this beautiful story by Brit Mandelo on this morning. ‘The Writ of Years’ is […]

What I read in 2013

I read 42 novels this year – not so bad, given that I now get through books at roughly half the speed I did when I was a student, and that two of those novels (Richard House’s The Kills and Eleanor Catton’s The Luminaries) were each around the 1,000pp mark. I still find myself vaguely dissatisfied though, […]

Getting Out of There

If you were bored – and Hampson soon was – you could go up on to West Hill and stare out towards France. One lunchtime he went into the English Channel, a pub about a hundred yards back from the clifftop, and Beatrice was sitting there at the back. He bought a drink and went […]

Strange Horizons fund drive

Just a quick call-out to remind everyone that the Strange Horizons annual fund drive is currently underway and every pound/dollar counts! It’s no secret that I consider SH to be one of the most important and progressive speculative fiction zines out there. I’m proud to write for it, always eager to read the latest issue, […]

Fairy Skulls and Lightspeed

I’m very happy to announce the publication of my story ‘Fairy Skulls’ in LCRW #29, now shipping. Edited by Gavin Grant and Kelly Link for Small Beer Press, Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet has to be one of the most innovative speculative fiction zines out there, and I’m incredibly proud to be joining a roster of […]