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The Phoney War


A. H.


Flying in the Face of God

Higher Up

This book collects stories that were written and published between the years 2007-2012, and also includes two brand new stories – ‘A. H.’ and ‘Higher Up’ – that I wrote especially for it. Once again, I don’t like the idea of a collection with no added value.

‘Flying in the Face of God’ was shortlisted for the BSFA Award in 2010 and appeared in Gardner Dozois’s The Year’s Best SF #28. This story is part of a loose series that began with ‘Angelus’, which won the Aeon Award in 2007, and continues with ‘Stardust’, the novella which appears in the collection of the same name. The three are linked together by the exploits of a fictitious Russian astrophysicist named Valery Kushnev. ‘Orinoco’ and ‘Chaconne’ also have connections to the insistently mutable Russia of my imagination.

‘Micrcocosmos’, ‘The Phoney War’, ‘A. H.’ and ‘Higher Up’ are all meditations on the nature of conflict, past, present and future.

Ian Whates of NewCon Press invited me to compile Microcosmos, which is published as the fifth volume in his ‘Imaginings’ series of previously uncollected SF stories.

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