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{ Monthly Archives } April 2012

Lost futures

Lydd is a small town in Kent, positioned more or less exactly at the centre of the Romney Marshes. There are no major roads that go near it. Its railway station, Lydd Town, was closed to passenger traffic in 1967. There is an airport at Lydd, named somewhat bizarrely as London Ashford, that operates scheduled [...]

Counting sheep

David Hebblethwaite has been playing a fun game over at Follow the Thread today: pick a favourite book for every letter of the alphabet. Irresistible for list junkies like myself, and his post made me smile especially because I have been using this game (and its many variants) for years as my personal cure for [...]

Thought for the day

Irvine Welsh in today’s Guardian describes his approach to plot as ‘just a big mess’: “I come up with a blurb at the beginning, but the book’ll always be completely different by the time it’s finished. They say: ‘Where’s the book you were going to write?’ And I say, forget about it, it doesn’t exist.” [...]

Just a few bits and pieces about stories

I found out on Wednesday that ‘The Silver Wind’ came joint first in the Interzone Reader’s Poll for 2011, sharing the top spot with Suzanne Palmer’s very excellent ‘The Ceiling is Sky’. I was astonished, so much so that when I opened the email in question my first thought was that it was a stray [...]

Eastercon 2012

Interacting with people en masse does not not come easily or naturally to me, and so I tend to find events like Eastercon a little overwhelming. It’s always worth that initial anxiety though, as Olympus 2012 proved so wonderfully well. Perhaps the most special part of Eastercon is being able to put some faces to [...]

Turing’s plaque

I’m now into the final 5-10,000 words of the first draft of the novel. I was hoping to finish the draft this week but I don’t think it’s going to happen. This final little chapter is very important, and trying to get it right, even with 95,000 words already written, even in first draft which [...]