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{ Monthly Archives } June 2012


So she parked on a street adjacent to The Lookout (by the Old Strand Gate) where there was a famously stunning view over the marshes below (the Royal Military Canal, the long road into Rye, the remains of Camber Castle, Winchelsea Beach, Dungeness – the power station and the lighthouse, both twinkling vaguely in the [...]

A couple of Mammoths

I had a lovely surprise earlier this week when I learned that my story ‘Wilkolak’, which originally appeared in Crimewave #11, had been selected by Maxim Jakubowski for inclusion in The Mammoth Book of Best British Crime #10. ‘Wilkolak’ was actually the first in a group of five stories I was hoping to write, all [...]

Rustblind and Silverbright

David Rix of Eibonvale Press has just announced a call for submissions for a new anthology. The theme is trains and railways. The wonderful title is drawn from a story by Wolfgang Borchert. I will always have a soft spot for Borchert. His stories ‘Das Brot’ and ‘Nachts Schlafen die Ratten Doch’ were the first [...]

‘At noon, or 3am’

I first read Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 at school, at the age of thirteen or fourteen, as part of my ‘O’ Level English Literature course. I was mesmerised by it – at that age dystopian SF was pretty much my literature of choice. I was in love with the rage it engendered in me, as [...]

In the South

It’s odd, the way major royal events always seem to coincide with me being out of the country. I was in France for the Silver Jubilee – my parents had to get special permission for me to be absent from school and no one, I repeat no one from my class thought to save me [...]